The company

The company was established in the end of the decade of 70 by António Verde and Lidia Verde, both occupying the General manager position currently. It has 30 years almost that the company is know for the quality and excellency of products. Its activity had beginning in Golpilheira and in 1996 it changed its activity to Estrada Nacional 1 in Azoia, significantly improving its localization and the installations. In 2006 it finally arrived at the WEB with the objective to be more close to its customers, increasing the quality of its service.


The company is based on the lubricant distribution and floor mats production for automobiles. To do so, it makes use of some gammas of oils and lubricative masses for Retail and Industrial sectors. The Retail sector is composed by comercial vehicles and trucks and the Industrial Sector by all kinds of Dozers and other machines. Currently the company is peddler of the marks Esso and Mobil.

Moreover it also makes the best floor mats, done by the measure of your automobile. A floor mat by the measure it is the best option to assure the confort of the driver. We guarantee the best relation between the price and the quality of the desired material.

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